EXO’s Suho a.k.a Kim Jun Myun. Born on May 22nd, 1991. 174cm. He started his SM trainee life in 2006, he has the longest training period among EXO-K.

His hobbies and specialties are acting and golf. Because he’s from Gangnam School District 8, which have the high class hobby of golfing, Suho’s nickname is ‘Just Rich’. Following Kai’s testimony, Suho is born with the leader’s virtue. Kai said “We were trainees together for 5 years but he bought me a lot of good food. He’s rich” supporting Suho’s ‘Just Rich’ nickname and with twinkling eyes “Truthfully, for around 2 years we weren’t that close but since he was a hyung that bought me a lot of food, I felt that he was a really good hyung, starting from then we got close really fast”. Confucius emphasized on the fact that the first condition for a good leadership was feeding your people until they were full. Suho was already harmonizing the future members by feeding them until they’re full, it looks like he was already learning the condition to be a wise leader starting from then.

Leader Suho is worrying about the late-night snack for the members who have superpowers but elementary schoolers-like taste. Suho said about the members who like only chicken, pizza, pork hocks etc for late-night snacks, worrying seriously, “The kids use superpowers but their tastes are like elementary schoolers’”.

Suho has also other nicknames like Junmen and Myunchael. Junmen and Myunchael are Junmyun+Amen and Junmyun+Michael, these started because the expression Suho has on stage and his performance looks holy. As a sub-brand, he also has Junmo Maria which is Junmyun+Virgin Mary (T/N: Sungmo Maria in Korean). It’s known that Suho likes his nicknames Junmen, Myunchael, etc and that he’s really satisfied about it but Joynews24 still couldn’t confirm it.

After debuting, Suho was always in charge of talking in the team. Suho took care of the ending comment and the short interview during the showcase and at ‘Music Bank’, he said he was in charge of the important task of guarding the members, but during today’s interview, it seemed like he lost a lot of his task to the other members. When the reporter said that today he didn’t talk much, Suho said a little bitterly “My dongsaengs always speak well so they took my task. I will have to organize and add up well”.

The members said Suho was in charge of the seriousness, the high class, the exemplary, the leading model and the magnanimity in the team. EXO-K’s members said that even though he was still charismatic, he was classy and kindhearted, they picked that as Suho’s biggest charms.

Suho’s Achilles’ heel is that he’s weak at rock, paper, scissors. From time to time, EXO-K eat late-night snacks and after that they choose who will clean with rock, paper, scissors, they said Suho who is really weak at rock, paper, scissors, was always chosen. Suho strongly opposed “They are all in the palm of my hand. I think of my dongsaengs and lose on purpose”, to measure his real skills, we organized a rock, paper, scissors battle on the spot with Suho against our reporter that is second to none in losing at rock, paper, scissors. The result was the victory of our reporter. After that, Suho could only lower his head at his dongsaengs’ words “We already understood perfectly hyung’s rock, paper, scissors’ pattern”.

source: joynews24 (with additional picture from google.com)

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